Make a strategic move: Optimize Your License Administration

Echez Inc. developed a unique methodology to help companies reduce their software licensing, maintenance and support costs. This allows customers to optimize software investments when the company requires it for new business opportunities.


Licensing is not your business. Neither your priority. Your business needs are the real priorities, and even though users are responsible for their license inventory, generally low priority is assigned to this task. The increasing complexity of licensing models increases the challenges for the inefficient license administration.

Licensing status

Understand the software/hardware relationship regarding your infrastructure licensing. Determine to what extent the acquired licensing covers your business needs.

Risks vs. efficiencies

In average, companies can save up to 30% on software investment and license support/maintenance budget after implementing key license administration measures.

Compliance & audits

Being unprepared during a software audit disrupts your job duties, creates stressful and dubious situations, and undermines your negotiation position with your vendor.


Get help. Hire our services.

Contract evaluation

Know your Terms and Conditions. Collect, record, organize and understand all agreements signed with your vendors.

Use vs. Acquisitions

Clarify how your company is using the software and compare it to acquired entitlements. Use this information as foundation to plan your license and support needs and budget.

Audit support

Software vendors are increasing their software audit activities worldwide. Compliance has become a hot topic during these times of economic turmoil.

Negotiation facts

Empower your negotiation skills with solid license usage facts. Echez Inc. helps you understand details of the entitlements offered by vendors during a negotiation.

Licensing training

Get custom-trained.Every customer has a particular deployment of licenses in its IT platform.


Any project or initiative regarding software licensing optimization requires a foundation of proven facts. Establishing the current and planned technology and business situation in your company ensures high quality conclusions and recommendations.


Once your current situation is assessed, it is fundamental to establish the financial and technological impact of the changes required in your platform to achieve compliance.

Future scenarios

Your capacity to anticipate the technological and financial impact of future licensing plans increases the benefits you can obtain in upcoming negotiations or platform modifications.

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