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Software Components

Identify the basic components that establish if you are properly licensing your software.

Any project or initiative related to software licensing optimization requires a good foundation establishment.

The assessment of the current and planned technology, and even your company business situation, allows Echez Inc. to provide you with high quality recommendations and conclusions. In this regard, it is important to understand the needs of software acquisition, the current state of implementation and licensing.

Your company and Software Compliance

How much do you know about your licensing?

On one occasion I asked a technology responsible person if his company needed help understanding its software licensing; with concern, I got the following response: “Of course… I do not need it, because I have everything under control.”


But is that really true?

  • Have you exclusively installed and licensed the required software?
  • Do you have enough knowledge / education to address with certainty the challenges posed by the question above?
  • Are you effectively managing your software investment?
  • Are you managing your software licensing in a structured and organized way?
  • Are you reducing to the bare minimum the risks posed by the use of the software?

You will be audited soon

It’s a fact: you will be audited by a software manufacturer at least once this year.

Every day it becomes more evident the control organizations must exercise on its technology platform in regards to software licensing. In this sense, brands / manufacturers, government agencies and organizations protecting intellectual property are applying more pressure, increasing every year the number of companies that are audited or subjected to some kind of licensing analysis. These audits oranalyzis range from SMB’s to large organizations, highlighting the challenges the market has in the areas of licensing.

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