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Echez Inc. was founded in March 2010 by Edwin Sanchez as a result of a growing software users need for expert consulting in License Management. Mr. Sanchez is an expert in Software Licensing. He has worked for more than 13 years worldwide with software companies such as Oracle, Adobe and Microsoft. Although his background includes marketing, project managing and sales, most of his career has been dedicated to software compliance and antipiracy. Mr. Sanchez has been recognized in numerous occasions for his contributions to the License Management practice and has helped thousands of customers to optimize their license administration.

Echez Inc. has recruited a seasoned team of software compliance experts from different industries and vendors, including Oracle, Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk, SAP, IBM, Symantec, McAfee, and others. The objective is to provide customers with a highly impacting experience, increase their investments capabilities, and reduce their costs and risks.

Echez Inc. developed a unique methodology to help companies to reduce their software licensing, maintenance and support costs. This allows customers to optimize software investments when the company requires it for new business opportunities. Echez Inc. bases its model in the international SAM (Software Asset Management) practice to provide its services and augment it with additional business/technical practices refined through years of extensive work in License Administration and Software Compliance. Echez Inc. goes beyond the standard to meet the industry and your specific business needs regarding licensing software for present and future plans.

Echez Inc. headquarters are in Miami, Florida with consultants deployed in several locations in Americas. We provide services in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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