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Get trained

Have the knowledge in-house. Get custom-trained.Every customer has a particular deployment of licenses in its IT platform. Receive the precise training you require to properly manage your current entitlements and future license needs.

Standardize licensing awareness. Deliver a cross-division licensing training.Most of the licensing issues come from incorrect license deployments resulting from license-unaware technical modifications to the platform or from uncontrolled software purchases. Deliver a training to your organization that sets a common knowledge and awareness on licensing software.

Attend a programmed training. Receive standard licensing education.Perhaps your organization prefers to send a few employees to our scheduled instructor-led trainings. Come back soon for a complete schedule of training sessions near your location.

Attend free Webinars. Become aware of generalities.Periodically, Echez Inc. provides webinars to general audience with the objective of informing on new licensing changes and current trends regarding license administration.

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