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Contract evaluation

Know your Terms and Conditions.Collect, record, organize and understand all agreements signed with your vendors. Establish the size of the updates and support renewals signed with your software vendors or distributors. Assess to what extent your investment in upgrades and support are effectively in use in your company. Identify and understand the impact of key components of your agreements such as: license type and version, purchase type, terms and conditions of each entitlement, agreement version, product version, purchase orders. Find out how our experts reveal where money is being wasted and what is in your contracts that you did not take advantage of yet.

Use vs. acquisitions status

Establish present and future situation.Clarify how your company is using the software and compare it to acquired entitlements. Use this information as foundation to plan your license and support needs and budget. Perform an expert analysis of your potential cost saving scenarios and future Risk vs. Efficiencies alternatives. Assess the impact of your deployed applications on overall licensing based on their status and critical level. Receive advice on platform modifications to resolve licensing issues, including applications reconfiguration to optimize licensing and support needs. Expand your analysis to the company’s business by establishing the impact of new and/or decommissioned business or products/services units on your software licensing.

Get in compliance

Do it your way.Software vendors are increasing their software audit activities worldwide. Compliance has become a hot topic during these times of economic turmoil. Chances are high that your company will be audited by a vendor at least once a year. Echez Inc. experts help your company with the collection and preparation of all information that vendors request during an audit. We also support your staff during the evaluation process to ensure you provide no more than the necessary and sufficient information for the audit. In addition, our experts review/advice on the audit results and generate internal comparative reports for your negotiation. Moreover, Echez Inc. studies and recommends likely non-disclosed licensing alternatives to what the vendor is suggesting in the event a non-compliance situation is identified.

Negotiate with power

Leverage your facts.Empower your negotiation skills with solid license usage facts. Echez Inc. helps you understand details of the entitlements offered by vendors during a negotiation. Support your internal budget discussions with alternatives to resolve a specific software licensing need. Understand the role that technical support performs in overall software acquisition cost and its terms and conditions.

Internal awareness

Set a common licensing knowledge.Receive the precise training you require to properly manage your current entitlements and future license needs. Deliver a training to your organization that sets a common knowledge and awareness on licensing software. Send personnel to schedule trainer-led courses in a location near you. Attend webinars online to keep updated with trends in license administration and software vendor news.

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