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Licensing Is not your business. Not your priority. Even though users are responsible for their licenses inventory, often low priority is assigned to this task. The growing complexity of licensing models increases the challenges to perform an efficient license management.

Uncertain. Determine your licensing status. Determine to what extent the acquired licensing covers your business needs. Plan the technology investment required for your future business needs. Decide if you need to invest on licensing for new projects or you can re-allocate licenses.

Assess risks. Leverage efficiencies. Strategic actions in license management dramatically reduce risks and liabilities for your business. Concrete provisions can significantly improve the performance of your software budget administration. A well-documented plan reduces future software expenditures in up to 20%.

Software compliance. Know your Terms and Conditions. Being unprepared during a software audit disrupts your job duties, creates stressful and dubious situations, and undermines your negotiation position with your vendor. In addition, vendor and government compliance fees are stiff, thus, unexpected expenses due to compliance fees negatively impact your company’s financial health.

Internal awareness. Set a common licensing knowledge. The lack of common awareness and knowledge on licensing matters among your team and other divisions interferes with your licensing compliance and cost-reduction initiatives. Technical and purchasing-capable personnel oftentimes make decisions that negatively impact your company’s licensing inventory and deployment.

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