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Software Components

Identify the basic components that establish if you are properly licensing your software.

Any project or initiative related to software licensing optimization requires a good foundation establishment.

The assessment of the current and planned technology, and even your company business situation, allows Echez Inc. to provide you with high quality recommendations and conclusions. In this regard, it is important to understand the needs of software acquisition, the current state of implementation and licensing.

Undoubtedly, this support is valuable for organizations. In many cases the topic of software licensing generates conceptual confusions that are reflected in your company’s technology platform, creating legal liabilities and even overruns on your technology investment.

Years of experience in world-class organizations like Microsoft, Oracle and Autodesk among others, excellent knowledge and a team of certified specialists in Software Asset Management allows us to offer you our collaboration to help ensure that your company not only complies with its country’s legal regulations but also with software manufacturers ones.

Thousands of companies are contacted every year to verify the legality of the software used and your company may be one of them. Let us support you.

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