Compliance Marketing/Offshoring

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Complarketing, as part of the Echez Group, offers a comprehensive business model customized to meet the challenges faced by software publishers and distributors when expanding their commercial activity into new territories or segments. Software Compliance has become an important component of the sales cycle not only to generate demand but also to improve account planning and customer retention.

However, the Software Compliance business requires deep licensing, legal, industry and technology knowledge that is expensive to develop and difficult to retain and maintain. This situation prevents publishers and distributors from effectively deploying and sustaining Software Compliance activities in their markets. Our cost-effective proposition resolves this problem.

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Compliance Education

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Software Publishers and companies in general are increasingly demanding for executives educated and experienced on methodologies and techniques for maximizing license entitlement leverage, reducing software-related costs, fully complying with multi-country and multi-brand software deployments, policies and regulations, and, ultimately, controlling the lifecycle of software licensing agreements across the company. Software Compliance Institute, as part of the Echez Group, emerges as a comprehensive knowledge and education provider on Software Compliance.

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License Management Optimized



SOMSight is a cloud portfolio of services and technology around Software Compliance and Software Asset Management using the new License Management as a Service model (LMaaS). This portfolio is tailored to the specific needs of each company. Companies decide which services enable, depending on the scope of their needs. Among the array of services offered by SOMSight you will find: Ongoing SAM Expert advice (Managed SAM), Real-time software assets inventory, evolution scenarios analysis, remote support during audits, project-specific licensing studies. SOMSight provides features and services to help companies reduce their exposure to cybercrime, optimize their virtualized environments, help on cloud licensing adoption. Both platform and methodologies comply 100% with the ISO 19770 and other international standards.

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