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Company and Software Compliance

How much do you know about your licensing?

On one occasion I asked a technology responsible person if his company needed help understanding its software licensing; with concern, I got the following response: “Of course… I do not need it, because I have everything under control.”

But is that really true?

  • Have you exclusively installed and licensed the required software?
  • Do you have enough knowledge / education to address with certainty the challenges posed by the question above?
  • Are you effectively managing your software investment?
  • Are you managing your software licensing in a structured and organized way?
  • Are you reducing to the bare minimum the risks posed by the software use?
  • The value that a non-selling software provider can provide in order to strengthen the ​​technology area’s strategy, is interpreted in the wrong way, as far as software licensing goes.
  • Your notion of control is incomplete
  • The software as an asset and its role within the technology platform is downplayed
  • Business partners do not have enough knowledge

Why Compliance Software programs arise?

  • The software is a key asset in any enterprise and therefore should receive appropriate monitoring and be effectively administered
  • A small number of companies have ideal processes to manage their software assets and this task is relegated to a second instance
  • With the growth of enterprises, the number of software licenses and IT budgets become larger, increasing the difficulty in managing these assets
  • There are several licensing models for each software supplier, making it difficult to understand the usage rights of each title purchased
  • Licensing agreements allow not only the software manufacturer but also the government agency in your country, to request an audit of their products at any time

It is important to understand the needs of software acquisition, its present status of implementation and licensing.

Exposure / Legal Risks

Installation or reproduction of computer programs without holder’s (license) authorization violates the right expressly recognized to such holders by Colombian law and international treaties to which the country is a partner.

In addition to the obligation to declare the legal use of software in the Management Report in accordance with Law 603 of 2000, certain offenses related to copyrights and related are typified in the Republic of Colombia as a crime under the Criminal Code Articles 270, 271 and 272, which can reach even jail sentences of up to eight years and fines of up to 1,000 minimum wages.

Security of your strategic information

The use of illegally copied software, illegally downloaded from the Internet or purchased without the appropriate license is absolutely unsafe. You may suffer the intrusion of viruses that can affect your company’s entire network, be exposed to information theft and hackers attacks. This impacts all business processes affecting the normal flow of business.

Your employees low productivity

People who work in your company sometimes find flaws and obstacles arising from illegal software use. These drawbacks directly impact your organization’s productivity, your staff must devote time to solve them instead of performing tasks related to the business or might even stop working when their equipment is taken to the shop for repair and troubleshooting.

Some Software Compliance Benefits

  • It facilitates software regulatory requirements analysis that may affect business processes.
  • It helps to understand the effective license positioning and to optimize acquired resources and improve the acquisition process of new technologies.
  • Generates greater control over the software assets avoiding penalties and fines due to non-compliance with licensing agreements.

However, Echez Inc. has developed a unique methodology to help companies reduce the cost overruns related with the acquisition and use of software products, while enabling new opportunities to optimize software investments.

This methodology focuses on seven key issues for Software Asset Management:

  • Software removal practices
  • Documentation management
  • Financial management
  • Supplier Management
  • Administration and compliance
  • Project management
  • Communication and education

Years of experience in world-class organizations like Microsoft, Oracle, and Adobe, among other brands, excellent knowledge and a team of certified specialists in Software Asset Management allows us to offer our collaboration to help ensure that your company not only complies with its country legal regulations but also with the software manufacturers too.

Undoubtedly, this support is valuable for organizations. In many cases the issue of software licensing generates conceptual confusions that are reflected in the technology platform of the company generating legal exposure and even overruns on its technology investment.

Today, after an excellent accompaniment on the part of our organization and review of several of its brands (Microsoft, Oracle and SAP) it has obtained an ROI (Return On Investment) of 1-55, which makes our service very attractive to any company.

Thousands of companies are contacted every year to verify the legality of the software used and your company may be one of them. Let us support you.

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